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In 2017, 3 little hooved kids jumped into our lives. Our 3 Goats. Inspired by our love of the great outdoors, and making memories by the campfire, we named them after s’mores: Melly (“Marshmallow”), Hershel (“Hershey”), and Graham (as in graham crackers). At just a few months old, these rascals stole our hearts. We had no idea what we were doing – born and raised in the city, we knew nothing about farm animals. Boy, were we in for a fun ride!


Our goats, like most, climb on EVERYTHING. They love berries, leaves, wood, dirt, clothing, shoelaces, pine needles . . . the random assortment goes on and on. And if it’s in your hand, they want to taste it! One of our favorite things is that they will give goat kisses! They will gently stick out their little pink tongue, and lightly lick you on the face.


Beyond all their mischievous ideas, they are sweet little souls that bring a tremendous amount of joy into our lives. They make us laugh, show affection, and enjoy showing off their cool jump-kicks for anyone who will watch!  


Melly, Hershel, and Graham, our 3 Goats, represent our new-found love of the country. A slower pace. Old, dirt roads.  Rolling, green hills. Crickets. Starry nights. Camp fire smoke. Wine country.

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